Basic Usage Scenario Overview

This section describes the most common scenarios in which ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 SDK may be used.

Usage Scenario Details
Enterprise Projects Solving specific data capture tasks within the scope of implementing enterprise-level document capture, intelligent document recognition, and distributed capture capabilities.
Volume Processing Services

Offering advanced, fast-response, high-volume data capture services, which can easily streamline processes and deliver critical throughput efficiencies, as in the processing of:

  • Market research forms
  • Insurance claims
  • Questionnaires and surveys
  • Product registration forms
  • Tax and legal forms
  • Healthcare check-up forms
  • Census forms
Integrated Data Capture Solutions for RPA, DMS, and ERP Embedding data capture functionality into robotic process automation, document management, and enterprise resource planning systems for processing different types of documents.
Embedded Data Capture Solutions for Terminals and Kiosks

Embedding data capture functionality into terminals and kiosks for functions such as:

  • Utility bill processing
  • Ticket refunds
  • Gaming and lottery ticket processing
  • Election form processing
Mobile Data Capture Solutions

Using smartphones or mobile phones for front-end capture and applying the most advanced data capture technologies to extract and recognize data on the server side.

The most obvious usage scenarios include:

  • Mobile data capture to enhance current service

Gain additional market share by extending your services to mobile phones and provide more relevant value.

  • Mobile data capture as a workgroup tool

Streamline remote processing of information via mobile phones. Get rid of expensive dedicated devices for inventory management, order processing, etc.

  • Mobile data capture as a marketing tool

Use free mobile apps to create a new mobile channel of communication and service with your customers.

ABBYY can provide a unique combination of know-how, experience, and proven track records in both mobile and data capture technologies.

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