Advanced Development Tools

Three convenient ways to load Engine object

Get better performance when solving specific tasks:

For end-user interactive applications

Loading method Where to use


Loading FCEngine.dll manually and working with “naked” interfaces (with no proxy use).

In simple single-threaded applications that do not require administrator privileges to install. This is important for applications which are installed on many computers.

For example, a local business card reader application

In-process server

The Engine is loaded as an in-process server into the same process.

COM infrastructure is responsible for making the calls thread-safe.

In scripts or simple multi-threaded applications focused mostly on simplicity and fail-safety, not performance.

For example, in a script for capturing data from images built in MS Word documents (calling FlexiCapture SDK from VBScript)

For server solutions

Loading method Where to use

Out-of-process server

The Engine is loaded as an out-of-process server into a separate process.

When creating server applications installed on a limited number of servers and which require administrator privileges to install and configure.

For example, a dedicated server for batch processing of millions of documents

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