Using a Document Object within a Project

The Document object provides a set of methods and properties for working with a document. The object usually contains a lot of information about the processed document (image of the document, recognized text, etc.) and therefore requires considerable resources for operation. To save resources and provide parallel access to the processed document, ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK can provide the document in 3 different states: closed, open for reading, and open for reading and writing. The state of the document is defined by the IDocument::LockType property. For the closed document not all the properties and methods are available. If you want to view or to change the properties and structure of the document, the document should be open for reading or for reading and writing, respectively.

The topics below describe the ways to change the state of the document:

If you are going to view the document and do not want to change it...

If you are going to edit the document...

If you want to save the results of the document editing...

If you do not want to save the results of the document editing...

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