VirtualFileSystemNode Object (IVirtualFileSystemNode Interface)

This object represents a node of a virtual file system (VFS). These nodes provide access to export results obtained from the ExportToMemory method of the Project object and the ExportToMemory method of the Batch object within a VFS.

A virtual file system is a tree-based model of a file storage resided in memory. A VFS provides the functionality of a file system and maps a file storage structure and composition to a user space. Generally, each virtual file system node is either a file or a directory. The root node of a VFS is always a directory.

Note: Memory occupied by export results will not be freed up while the root VirtualFileSystemNode object obtained as a result of the ExportToMemory methods remains alive. You also can call the ReleaseMemory method for freeing up memory.


Name Type Description
ChildItems VirtualFileSystemNodes, read-only

Returns the collection of child nodes relative to the current node.

This property is available for a directory only.

IsDirectory Boolean, read-only Specifies whether the node is a directory.
IsRoot Boolean, read-only Specifies whether the node is root.
Name String, read-only

Returns the name of a node.

The root node name is an empty string.

Size Integer, read-only

The size of a node (in bytes).

This property is available for a file only.


Name Description
ReleaseMemory Frees up memory occupied by export results.
SaveToStream Saves the file's content to the stream.

Related objects

Output parameter

This object is the output parameter of the following methods:

Note: Only a root node is a return value of these methods.

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