VerificationSession Object (IVerificationSession Interface)

This object corresponds to a verification session. Verification is a process of checking recognized data. It is performed by comparing recognition results with the original image of any document part. When the program does not have absolute certainty about the accuracy of recognition of certain characters, it marks them as uncertainly recognized. The purpose of the verification process is to verify such characters, make sure that they have been recognized correctly, and correct them if necessary.

To run the verification process, call the StartVerification method of the Batch object or the StartVerification method of the Project object. These methods provides access to the VerificationSession object which contains all the verification settings and allows you to receive the data to verify. Before starting the verification you should set the verification options using the Options property. When the verification parameters are set call the NextWorkSet method to receive a part of data that need verification (a work set). Each verification session contains one or several work sets. Documents are combined into work sets depending on the available resources, thereby work sets enable several verifiers to process one big batch. See Verifying Recognized Data for details.

Important! You cannot run two verification sessions in one process simultaneously using ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK.


Name Type Description
Errors StringsCollection, read-only Returns all the errors for the verification session.
Options VerificationOptions, read-only Returns verification session options. The options should be adjusted before calling NextWorkSet method.
TotalProgressEstimation Integer, read-only Returns the estimate percent of verification currently done.
Warnings StringsCollection, read-only Returns all the warnings for the verification session.


Name Description
Close Closes the verification session.
NextWorkSet Receives the next work set of the verification session.

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