TrainingResults Object (ITrainingResults Interface)

This object represents the results of the classifier training. It includes the performance statistics for the new classifier and for the classifier currently in use, run on the same testing set (that is, on the pages of the documents with the TrainingState property set to DTS_ForTesting).


Name Type Description
CandidateResults ValidationResults, read-only The testing results for the classifier that has just been trained.
CurrentResults ValidationResults, read-only The testing results for the classifier currently in use.
ShouldApply Boolean, read-only If this property is TRUE, that means we recommend to apply the newly trained classifier because it is better than the one currently in use. You may wish to compare the results of the two classifiers in more detail using the CurrentResults and CandidateResults properties.

Related objects

Output parameter

This object is the output parameter of the Train method of the ClassificationTrainer object.


This object is used in the following code samples: Classification.

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