Text Object (IText Interface)

This object represents a recognized text. The object exposes properties for accessing different text attributes and methods allowing operations upon it. The Text object exists as a subobject of some other object representing a unit of layout (text block, table cell, etc.).


Name Type Description
DefaultCharParams CharParams Stores the default character parameters. The parameters can be changed for individual characters, while the parameters specified by this property are used by default.
Length Integer, read-only Specifies the length of the text.
PlainText String, read-only Stores the plain text. In the plain text all special characters are replaced with spaces.
RecognizedWordsCount Integer, read-only

Specifies the number of recognized words in the text. Please note that a word is a fragment of text separated for the purposes of recognition and not necessarily a word in the linguistic sense.

Important! This property is part of recognition variants API. If you intend to use it, enable recognition variants saving by a call to the EnableRecognitionVariants method of the Engine object before recognition. Otherwise the value of RecognizedWordsCount will be 0.

Text String, read-only Stores the text.


Name Description
Delete Removes a range from the current text.
GetCharParams Provides access to the parameters of the specified character in the text.
GetCharParamsEx Provides access to the extended recognition information for the character at the specified position in the text. Using this method you can quickly access the main recognition variant of the character (the one which is used in the resulting text).
GetRecognizedWord Provides access to the specified recognition variant of the selected word in the text.
Insert Inserts new text into the current text.
NextGroup Finds the next character in the text, which has the selected parameters different from such parameters of the character specified. This method can be used to find all uncertainly recognized characters, etc.
SetCharParams Sets parameters of the specified character in the text.

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Output parameter

This object is the output parameter of the following methods and properties:

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