TableBlock Object (ITableBlock Interface)

This object provides access to specific properties of a recognized table block. To access the properties of the certain table block, use the AsTableBlock method of the corresponding Block object.

A recognized table may include bound columns, which correspond to a table field in a Document Definition, and unbound columns, for which no field were found in the Document Definition. Bound columns contain recognized data, while unbound do not contain any recognized data. You can access recognized data in the cells of bound columns using the Cell property. The picture below illustrates the meaning of the object's properties:


Name Type Description
BoundColumnsCount Integer, read-only Stores the number of bound columns in the table. Each bound column corresponds to a column in the Document Definition. Also a recognized table can have unbound columns for which no columns were found in the Document Definition. The total number of columns in the table (bound and unbound) is defined by the Count property of the TableColumns object (the Columns property).
Cell Block, read-only Provides access to the specified table cell.
Columns TableColumns, read-only Provides access to the collection of table columns.
HSeparators IntsCollection, read-only Returns the coordinates of the horizontal separators of the table block. This collection always contains at least two elements corresponding to the table block top and bottom borders.
RowsCount Integer, read-only Stores the number of rows in the table.


Name Description
AddColumn Adds a column to the table.
AddHSeparator Adds the horizontal separator to the table.
DeleteColumn Deletes the specified column from the table.
DeleteHSeparator Deletes the horizontal separator from the table.
FindCellBlock Allows you to find a cell block, associated with the cell, located at specified point.

Related objects

Output parameter

This object is the output parameter of the AsTableBlock method of the Block object.

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