SimpleLanguage Object (ISimpleLanguage Interface)

This object represents a simple recognition language. For example, English or French languages may be represented by SimpleLanguage object. This object provides access to a simple language attributes and allows you to get/set its internal name, letter sets, dictionary type, etc.


Name Type Description
AllowWordsFromDictionaryOnly Boolean Specifies if only the dictionary words are allowed during recognition in this language. If this property is TRUE, a word that is not found in the dictionary of the language can appear in the recognized text only if ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK found no dictionary variants. If no dictionary is associated with the language, the language will not be used for recognition.
IsNaturalLanguage Boolean Specifies if this language is a natural language. Natural languages are designed for recognizing common texts. Formal languages are not natural ones.
LanguageId LanguageIdEnum Defines the identifier of the language.
LetterSet String Provides access to the specified letter set of the base language.
RegularExpression String Specifies the rules that define what words are allowed in a language and what words are not allowed. See Working with Regular Expressions for details.
UsePredefinedDictionary Boolean Specifies if the predefined dictionary should be used for recognition. This type of dictionary is already provided for the predefined languages that have built-in dictionary support (see the comments in the list of predefined languages). Predefined dictionaries are usually represented by three files. They have names which are usually the same as the full or short name of the language and an .amd, .amm, .amt extension.
UserDefinedDictionary Dictionary, read-only Specifies the user dictionary to be used for recognition. The specified dictionary is only used, if the UseUserDefinedDictionary property is set to TRUE.
UseUserDefinedDictionary Boolean Specifies if a user dictionary should be used for recognition. The user dictionary is specified in the UserDefinedDictionary property.

Related objects

Output parameter

This object is the output parameter of AsSimpleLanguage method of the Language object.

See also

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Working with Properties

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