RuleError Object (IRuleError Interface)

This object corresponds to a rule error. Rules are certain conditions imposed on data in fields. If the values in documents do not meet these conditions, rule errors appear. The main purpose of rule application is to check the integrity of document data. All rule errors of a document are represented by the RuleErrors object.


Name Type Description
Context Field, read-only Specifies the field which was used as the context of the rule during rule checking.
Fields Fields Returns a collection of checked fields.
FieldToFocus Field, read-only Specifies the field to put focus on.
IsFormatError Boolean, read-only Specifies whether the error is a format error. Data entry fields usually require data in special format as their input values. If during document processing the recognized field value does not match the set data type, the rule error is generated, and this property for corresponding rule error returns TRUE.
Rule Rule, read-only Specifies the rule which produced the error. The value of this property may be 0, if the value of the IsFormatError property is TRUE.
Severity RuleErrorSeverityEnum, read-only Specifies the severity of the error.
Text String, read-only Stores the text description of the error.

Related objects

Output parameter

This object is the output parameter of the Item method of the RuleErrors object.

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