RegistrationParameters Object (IRegistrationParameters Interface)

This object represents a collection of registration parameters specified for documents or batches. These parameters store additional information about assigned documents or batches making access to this information easier. For example, a registration parameter can contain a source type of a document, a date of scanning, a subject of the e-mail, etc. Registration parameters are used in ABBYY FlexiLayout Studio when applying flexible descriptions.

To access the registration parameters of the certain document or batch, use the RegistrationParameters property of the corresponding Document or Batch object respectively.


Name Type Description
Count Integer, read-only Stores the number of elements in the collection.
Element RegistrationParameter, read-only Provides access to a single element of the collection.


Name Description
AddNew Creates a new RegistrationParameter object and adds it at the end of the collection.
DeleteAt Removes an element from the collection.
Find Finds parameter by name, returns index, -1 if not found.
Item Provides access to a single element of the collection.

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