RecognizedWordInfo Object (IRecognizedWordInfo Interface)

This object represents the variant of the word recognition. The object provides access to the variant itself and its parameters. You can select the best recognition variant for a word using your own algorithm. See Working with Recognition Variants for details.

Note: The API working with recognition variants is not available for recognizing handprinted texts.


Name Type Description
MeanStrokeWidth Double, read-only Returns the average stroke width in the RLE representation of a word image, expressed in pixels.
ModelType WordModelTypeEnum, read-only Returns the type of model used while composing this variant of word recognition.
Text String, read-only Returns the variant of the word recognition.
RecognitionVariantsCount Integer, read-only Specifies the number of recognition variants for the word.
WordConfidence Integer, read-only

Returns the value of recognition confidence for this variant of word recognition.

It represents an estimate of probability that this variant is correct, but it is unsafe to assume that confidence is a positive number or make any other assumptions about its absolute value. The only meaningful use of confidence is for comparing two recognition variants for the same word. In this case, the variant with the higher confidence is more probable.


Name Description
GetRecognizedCharacter Provides access to a recognition variant and parameters of a character at a given position in the word.

Output parameter

This object is the output parameter of the CreateRecognizedWordInfo method of the Engine object.

Input parameter

This object is the input parameter of the GetRecognizedWord method of the Text object.

See also


Working with Recognition Variants

Working with Properties

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