ExportToMemory Method of the Project Object

This method allows you to save results of project processing into memory, presented as a virtual file system. You can save the results for all the documents of the project or specify particular batches to export results from.

Use the ExportParams object to set the export settings. Note, however, that the values of the RootPath property of the FileExportParams object and the Path property of the ImageExportParams object will be ignored. Instead, the Export and Images directories relative to the root of the virtual file system will be used as the folders for output files. Inside the Export and Images directories, you can have other subfolders, defined by the FileNamePattern property of the FileExportParams object and the Prefix property of the ImageExportParams object.

Note that you can configure multiple export profiles (a set of settings that determines what is done with processed data) with the help of the IExportProfiles::AddNew method, in which case all appropriate export profiles for export to memory are used in turn.

Note: Only export profiles with the EDT_File value (export to file) of the DestinationType property are supported for exporting to memory. Export profiles with another destination value are ignored.


Visual Basic .NET

Sub ExportToMemory( _
  BatchIds As IntsCollection, _
  ExportParams As ExportParams _
) As VirtualFileSystemNode


HRESULT ExportToMemory(
  IIntsCollection* BatchIds,
  IExportParams*   ExportParams,
  IVirtualFileSystemNode** Result


[in] This parameter refers to the IntsCollection object that contains a set of identifiers of the batches to export results from. This parameter is optional and may be set to 0, in which case export is performed for all the documents of the project.
[in] This parameter refers to the ExportParams object that contains parameters of export. This parameter may be 0, in which case for each document the export parameters of the corresponding Document Definition are used.
Note: If there is no corresponding Document Definition, the export parameters of the IBatchTypeParams::ExportParamsForUnknownDocuments property are used. If there is no batch type, the export parameters of the IProjectProperties::ExportParamsForUnknownDocuments property are used.
[out, retval] A pointer to the IVirtualFileSystemNode* object that receives the results of the exported documents.

Return values

This method has no specific return values. It returns the standard return values of ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK functions.


C# code

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