PageDefinition Object (IPageDefinition Interface)

This object corresponds to a page of a Document Definition. A Document Definition can comprise one or several pages. Each page of the Document Definition contains the image of the template page and blocks specified on the image. Document Definitions for multipage documents can have key blocks in each page (the KeyBlock property). The values of such blocks enable automatic checking of page assembly into documents. All the pages of a Document Definition or a section definition are represented by the PageDefinitions object.

The whole page definition can be considered as the top-level block definition which contains all the block definitions of the page definition. The PageDefinition object supports the IBlockDefinition interface. You may treat this object as the BlockDefinition object.


Name Type Description
Blocks BlockDefinitions, read-only Provides access to the collection of blocks on the page.
Id Integer, read-only Returns the identifier of the page definition.
Image ImageDocument, read-only Stores the template image.
KeyBlock BlockDefinition Specifies the key block on the page. A key block enables automatic checking of page assembly into documents. The values of key blocks must be identical on all pages of the same document. An example of a key field is the last name of the person who completed the document, which must be written on each page, or a certain identification number.
Section SectionDefinition, read-only Returns the Document Definition section containing the page.


Name Description
DetectBlocks Detects blocks of the specified type within the specified region and adds them to the page definition.
SetImage Sets the template image of the page.

Related objects

Output parameter

This object is the output parameter of the Item, AddNew methods of the PageDefinitions object.

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