MultiProcessingParams Object (IMultiProcessingParams Interface)

This object provides access to the parameters of multiple CPU cores usage.

Name Type Description
SharedCPUCoresMask Integer

Specifies the physical CPU cores, which can be used in shared mode of CPU cores usage, as an affinity mask. Note that only physical CPU cores are masked, but not logical. The property makes sense only if the value of the SharedCPUCoresMode property is TRUE.

By default all detected CPU cores are used.

SharedCPUCoresMode Boolean

Specifies whether the CPU cores are used in shared mode. There are two modes of CPU cores usage: separate and shared. In separate mode ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK uses no more processes than is allowed by the license. In shared mode any number of processes can be run, but all these processes will use only the CPU cores specified by the SharedCPUCoresMask property.

By default the property is set to FALSE, which means that the separate mode is used.

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