MessagesLanguageEnum enumeration constants describe different interface languages that ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK supports.

Note: The locale for the selected messages language must be installed on the computer.

typedef enum {
 ML_English = 0,
 ML_Russian = 1,
 ML_German = 2,
 ML_French = 3,
 ML_Spanish = 5,
 ML_Italian = 6,
 ML_Polish = 15,
 ML_Czech = 16,
 ML_Hungarian = 17,
 ML_PortugueseBrazilian = 27
} MessagesLanguageEnum;


Name Description
ML_English English language
ML_Russian Russian language
ML_German German language
ML_French French language
ML_Spanish Spanish language
ML_Italian Italian language
ML_Polish Polish language
ML_Czech Czech language
ML_Hungarian Hungarian language
ML_PortugueseBrazilian Portuguese (Brazil) language

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