Language Object (ILanguage Interface)

This object represents a recognition language. This object contains properties reflecting language attributes, such as its external name, components and category. The recognition languages can be set for the whole project using the IProject::LanguageDatabase property, or for particular Document Definition (IDocumentDefinition::DefaultLanguage) or its text block (ITextRecognitionParams::Language).

A language may be either simple (e.g. English, Russian) or compound (composed of several simple languages). See the Type property. The Language object exposes methods which cast it to a type-specific interface and thereby provide access to the extended attributes of a language of specific type.


Name Type Description
DatatypeCategory DatatypeCategoryEnum, read-only Specifies the category of data for which the language is designed.
ExternalName String Specifies the external name of the language. This name can be localized and used in user interface.
InternalName String, read-only Stores the internal name of the language. It is this name that should be passed to the IPredefinedLanguages::FindLanguage method.
LanguageCategory LanguageCategoryEnum, read-only Indicates the category to which the recognition language belongs. You may use this property to organize languages in your user interface.
LetterSet String, read-only Stores the letter set of the recognition language.
Type LanguageTypeEnum, read-only Specifies the type of the recognition language. Recognition language can be simple (e.g. English, Russian), or be composed of several simple languages.


Name Description
AsSimpleLanguage Returns the language as the SimpleLanguage object. If the language is not a simple language, NULL is returned.
AsGroupLanguage Returns the language as the GroupLanguage object. If the language is not a language composed of several simple languages, NULL is returned.
CopyFrom Initializes properties of the current object with values of similar properties of another object.

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