ImageProcessingParams Object (IImageProcessingParams Interface)

This object specifies how a block image is to be preprocessed before recognition. Most recognition parameters objects have child objects of the ImageProcessingParams type that are available through the corresponding properties. Image processing parameters should be set for each block that is to be recognized, if any non-trivial image preprocessing upon that block is needed. The ImageProcessingParams object may specify image rotation and its mirroring around the vertical axis. Rotation is the first operation in sequence of geometrical transformation, and mirroring is the second one.


Name Type Description
ProhibitCorrectLocalSkew Boolean

This property allows you to prohibit local skew correction.

Correction of local skew is performed if the skew for the whole page is calculated uncertainly. It is the last operation in a sequence defined by the ImageProcessingParams object attributes.

GarbageSize Integer Specifies the size in pixels of black dots which must be considered garbage.
Invert Boolean Specifies if the image colors are to be inverted during preprocessing.
MirrorHorizontal Boolean Specifies if the image is mirrored around the vertical axis during preprocessing.
RemoveTexture Boolean Specifies if the background noise is cleared before recognition process start.
RotationType RotationTypeEnum Specifies what type of rotation will be performed upon the image during its preprocessing.


Name Description
CopyFrom Initializes properties of the current object with values of similar properties of another object.

Related objects

Output parameter

The object is the output parameter of the CreateImageProcessingParams method of the Engine object.

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