ImageModification Object (IImageModification Interface)

This object is used to store parameters of image modification: image skew correction and stretch ratio. The object can be used as an input parameter of some methods of the Image object.


Name Type Description
ClipRegion Region

Specifies a modification region. This region is cut from the source image, modified according to the modification settings, and used as the result of image modification. If this property contains an empty region, the entire image is modified.

Note: The property returns a copy of the Region object but not a reference to it. To modify the value of the property, you must assign the value of this property to a Region object, change the necessary parameters, and then assign this object back to the property.

StretchRatio Double Specifies the stretch ratio to apply to the image. By default this property is 1.0 that corresponds to no stretch.

Output parameter

This object is the output parameter of the CreateImageModification method of the Engine object.

Input parameter

This object is the input parameter of the EstimateBitmapSize, GetPicture, WriteToFile methods of the Image object.

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