IEngineLoader Interface

A pointer to the object implementing this interface is returned by the GetEngineLoader function. Use it to load and unload the Engine object. The properties described below provide easy access to online licensing if needed and also allow you to specify some additional parameters of the Engine object. One of the properties is the Customer Project ID number, which is an alphanumeric string common to all the Developer and Runtime licenses your project uses.

Note: During library initialization the list of all available licenses is searched for a Developer or Runtime License corresponding to this Customer Project ID. If no corresponding license is found, an error for the last checked license will occur. However, you may pass 0 for this parameter and select the license later, by calling the IEngine::SetCurrentLicense method before any other library methods.

This interface is also available in the InprocLoader and OutprocLoader objects, which allow you to load ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK by means of COM either as an in-process server into the current process or as an out-of-process server into a separate process. For more information, please refer to the Different Ways to Load the Engine Object section.

Please note that you must keep the reference to the loader object until you finish working with the Engine. You can then call the Unload method of the loader object to deinitialize the Engine, and then destroy the loader object.


Name Type Description
AppDataPath String

Contains the path to the folder in which ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK should store temporary data.

The default value of this property is empty string. In this case, %AppData%\ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 SDK folder is used for temporary files.

CustomerProjectId String A string containing the Customer Project ID.
LicensePassword String The online license password. If you do not use an online license, set this property to an empty string "" or NULL.
LicensePath String The path to the online license file. If you do not use an online license, set this property to an empty string "" or NULL.
NullObject IUnknown*, read-only This property returns a reference to a NULL object. This can be useful in scripting languages, in which NULL is not an object, when there is a need to pass NULL into a method requiring an object to ensure default behavior.


Name Description
GetEngine Loads an instance of ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK.
Unload Unloads ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK.


This object is used in all code samples.

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