GroupVerificationObject Object (IGroupVerificationObject Interface)

This object represents the properties of the group verification object. Group verification is a verification mode whereby identically recognized characters are submitted for verification in groups. Group verification involves grouping character images recognized as having identical values and displaying them on the verifier screen, enabling the operator to easily identify and correct characters that deviate from the group.

The GroupVerificationObject object provides access to the symbol submitted for group verification and its image. To obtain the object, use the AsGroupVerificationObject property of the VerificationObject object.


Name Type Description
Image __int64, read-only Allows you to view the image of the character being verified. Contains the HBITMAP handle cast to the __int64 type.
ObjectRect Rectangle, read-only Returns the coordinates of the object on the image returned by the Image property.
ObjectRectOnContextImage Rectangle, read-only Returns the coordinates of the object on the image returned by the IVerificationObject::ContextImage property.
Symbol String Specifies the value of the verification object in a form of Unicode string. The value of this property can be one of the following: one character, “checked”, or “not checked”. The latest two values appear if the verification object is a checkmark.

Related objects

Output parameter

This object is the output parameter of the AsGroupVerificationObject method of the VerificationObject object.

See also

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