ExtractionModel Object (IExtractionModel Interface)

This object represents an entity extraction NLP model. The trained model reveals which entities should be extracted from a document.


Name Type Description
AllowTraining Boolean Specifies whether the entity extraction model is allowed to be trained.
Language Language

Specifies the language of the text to be extracted.

Note: For recognition to be successful, it is necessary that the Document Definition languages contain the NLP model languages.

Name String, read-only The name of the entity extraction model.
ResultFields FieldDefinitionsCollection

Stores a collection of output fields resulting from applying the entity extraction model.

These fields must be filled.

Source FieldDefinition A source field to be processed.
Version String, read-only The version of the NLP model.

Related objects

Output parameter

This object is the output parameter of the AddNew, LoadFromFile and Item methods of the ExtractionModels object.

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