ExportProfile Object (IExportProfile Interface)

This object represents an export profile.

An export profile is a set of settings that determines how processed documents will be exported. You can add one or several export profiles in every Document Definition of a ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK project. Each export profile has its own export settings defined by the ExportParams and ExportConditions properties and can be critical (required) or optional, enabled or disabled.


Name Type Description
ExportCondition ExportDocumentConditionEnum Specifies conditions for the document to be exported.
ExportParams ExportParams Specifies the parameters of export.
IsCritical Boolean

Specifies whether the current export method is critical.

It means that the export profile must be executed. Otherwise, the export profile is considered optional.

If export fails for a critical export profile, export for all profiles will stop with en error.

If export fails for a non-critical profile, export is not interrupted.

IsEnabled Boolean

Specifies whether the current export method is enabled.

If this option is selected, the program will use this profile to export data.

Name String Specifies the export profile name.

Related objects

Output parameter

This object is the output parameter of the Item, AddNew methods of the ExportProfiles object.

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