ExportParams Object (IExportParams Interface)

This object provides functionality for tuning the parameters of export. Currently only export to file is supported (only the EDT_File value of the DestinationType property can be used). Subsequent settings of export to file are available through the FileExportParams property.

A pointer to this object can be passed to the IBatch::Export, IProject::Export or IExportProfiles::AddNew method as an input parameter, and thus affects the results of export.


Name Type Description
DestinationType ExportDestinationTypeEnum, read-only Specifies the destination of the output documents.
FileExportParams FileExportParams, read-only Specifies the parameters of export to file.
IgnoreRuleErrors Boolean Specifies whether critical rule errors should be ignored. If the value of this property is FALSE, export will not be performed if there are any rule errors with the RES_CriticalError value of the Severity property. By default, this property is set to FALSE.


Name Description
CopyFrom Initializes properties of the current object with values of similar properties of another object.

Related objects

Output parameter

This object is the output parameter of the CreateExportParams method of the Engine object.

Input parameter

This object is the input parameter of the following methods:


The properties of the object cannot be edited after creation. To edit the property create a new ExportParams object, set the values of the properties using the ExportParams::CopyFrom method and modify the necessary value.


This object is used in the following code samples: Hello.

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