ContinueLineItems Method of the Document Object

This method attempts to extract more line items after the operator corrects one or several first line items manually.

Useful when you have long tables or lists that weren't recognized correctly at first. You will only have to correct the first few line items manually, then call this method to continue the pattern and detect all the rest.

After this method call, the Field objects corresponding to the line items will become invalid. The parent field that is the group of all line items of this type can still be accessed; get the instances of the line items that you want to work with from it.


  • This method works only on Invoice or Purchase Order projects, as the concept of line items applies only to these document types.
  • The country of vendor or purchaser should be detected for this method to work.


Visual Basic .NET

Sub ContinueLineItems( _
  block As IBlock, _
  useExistingRowRegions As Boolean _


HRESULT ContinueLineItems(
  IBlock       block,
  VARIANT_BOOL useExistingRowRegions


[in] The Block variable with the first block that contains a correctly marked up line item with the structure that should be extended to other line items.
[in] Set to TRUE if the line items have been detected correctly, but the fields within weren't identified properly. Set to FALSE if the line item regions should also be detected again.

Return values

This method has no specific return values. It returns the standard return values of ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK functions.

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