Dictionary Object (IDictionary Interface)

This object is designed for working with user dictionaries. User dictionaries are dictionaries that contain word forms of words of a certain language. Each word form in the dictionary has its own weight that defines its priority when there appear several variants for a word during recognition. The weight may have a set of discrete values. The range of values is from 0 to 100. User dictionaries may be connected to the SimpleLanguage object — object representing one simple recognition language.


Name Type Description
Name String Stores the name of the dictionary. After creation of the Dictionary object this property stores the name of the dictionary file (without path and extension). You may assign it any other value. This property is not saved into the file associated with the dictionary.
WordsCount Integer, read-only Returns the number of words in the dictionary.


Name Description
AddWord Adds a word to the dictionary.
AddWords Adds a group of words to the dictionary.
DeleteAllWords Deletes all words from the dictionary.
DeleteWord Deletes a word from the dictionary.
DeleteWords Deletes a group of words from the dictionary.
EnumWords Returns an object of the EnumDictionaryWords type that allows you to iterate through the words in the dictionary.

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