DBFExportParams Object (IDBFExportParams Interface)

This object provides functionality for tuning the parameters of recognized text export to DBF format. These parameters are set in the DBFParams property of the FileExportParams object.


Name Type Description
CodePage CodePageEnum Specifies the code page to which the recognized text is exported. The code page type which is used for DBF format is OEM. If this property does not specify any code page (CP_Null), the code page is selected automatically. By default the value of this property is CP_Null.
DBFVersion DBFVersionEnum Specifies the DBF format version. The value of this property is DBFV_Version3 by default.
PreserveValueTypes Boolean Specifies whether types of values are to be preserved. If the value of this property is FALSE, all data will be exported as General. By default the value of this property is TRUE.

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