DataSetTableColumn Object (IDataSetTableColumn Interface)

This object represents a column from a data set table.

Important! Any changes you make to the column will erase all data from this table. For example, if you change the column name, all records will be erased.


Name Type Description
ExternalColumnName String The name of the corresponding column in the external table that is used for data set update.
IsLocked Boolean, read-only Specifies if the column is locked. A locked column may not be changed or deleted.
IsPrimaryKey Boolean, read-only Specifies if the column contains the primary key of the table.
IsRequired Boolean, read-only

Specifies if the column values are required in the data set table.

Set the value of the property to TRUE if empty values are forbidden in the data set table column.

Name String The name of the column.

Related objects

Output parameter

This object is the output parameter of the AddNew, Find and Item methods of the DataSetTableColumns object.

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