DataSet Object (IDataSet Interface)

This object represents a data set.

A data set is a collection of data records, usually represented as a table and collected for a specific purpose. The records are represented by rows in the table (TableRecords property), while columns (TableColumns property) correspond to fields which may be filled in for each record. The data set may be attached either to a Document Definition as a whole or a specific section in the Document Definition.

Data sets are used in:

  • Document Definitions of invoice projects, for storing information about vendors and business units.
  • Document Definitions of non-invoice projects, for storing the variants of document definition sections. These data sets are used for training the fields of the section.
  • Any Document Definitions, for storing various information for checking rules.


Name Type Description
Name String The name of a data set.
TableRecords DataSetTableRecords, read-only Provides access to the records stored in the table.
TableColumns DataSetTableColumns, read-only Provides access to the columns of the table.

Related objects

Output parameter

This object is the output parameter of the AddNew, Find and Item methods of the DataSets object.

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