Element Property of the ConfusionMatrix Object

This property returns the element in the selected cell of the confusion matrix by its index. The value of the element located in the column A, row B, tells you how many pages were classified as belonging to the category A while actually being in the category B. When A and B are the same, you get the number of correctly assigned results for that category.


Visual Basic .NET

Property Element( _
  KnownIndex As Integer, _
  FoundIndex As Integer _
) As Integer


HRESULT Element(
  int  KnownIndex,
  int  FoundIndex,
  int* Result


[in] The index of a class to which the element belongs.
[in] The index of a class which was found by the classifier.
[out, retval] An integer variable that receives the value of the matrix cell. It contains a number of pages that belong to one class, but were classified as belonging to another.

Return values

This function has no specific return values. It returns standard return values.

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