LoadClassifier Method of the ClassificationTrainingBatch Object

This method loads a classifier from a .cfl file created in ABBYY FlexiCapture 12. If the <ClassifierFileName> Images folder with images for training was created when exporting this file from FlexiCapture, then these images are added to the batch too. The page classes of the newly added classifier will also be added to the page classes collection.

Important! Loading the classifier (with or without images) can erase both the existing and newly added links between the classes and the Document Definition sections or section variants. In this case, you need to recreate links.

Note that you cannot overwrite the existing classifier. If there is one, please clear it using the RemoveClassifier method before the call to this method.


Visual Basic .NET

Sub LoadClassifier( _
  Path As String, _
  Callback As IProcessingEvents _


HRESULT LoadClassifier(
  BSTR                Path,
  IProcessingEvents*  Callback


[in] The full path to the .cfl file where the classifier is stored. The <ClassifierFileName> Images folder can also be created along this path, in which case the images from this folder will be added to the batch.
[in] This variable is used to pass the pointer to a user defined object that implements the IProcessingEvents callback interface. This interface is used for reporting events. This parameter is optional. If you do not want to receive the notifications, pass the NULL pointer.

Return values

This method may return the standard return values of ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK functions.

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