ClassificationTrainingBatch Object (IClassificationTrainingBatch Interface)

This object represents a batch for training the classifier. It contains the ClassificationTrainingDocument and ClassificationTrainingPage objects obtained from the documents and pages of the corresponding batch.


Name Type Description
AsBatch Batch, read-only Gets the initial batch.
Classes PageClasses, read-only Returns the collection of classes, that is, categories into which the pages will be classified when you train the classifier with this batch.
ClassificationTrainer ClassificationTrainer, read-only Returns the classification trainer.
ClassificationTrainingDocuments ClassificationTrainingDocuments, read-only Returns the training documents collection.
FullTextRecognitionParams FullTextRecognitionParams, read-only Provides access to the full text recognition parameters.
Id Integer, read-only Returns the batch identifier.
Name String, read-only

Stores the name of the batch.

You can change the batch name using the Rename method.


Name Description
LoadClassifier Loads a classifier from a *.cfl file.
RemoveClassifier Removes the classifier from the training batch.
Rename Changes the batch name and returns the new name.

Related objects

Output parameter

This object is the output parameter of the AddNew, FindById, FindByName and Item methods of the ClassificationTrainingBatches object.


This object is used in the following code samples: Classification.

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