BlockDefinition Object (IBlockDefinition Interface)

This object corresponds to a block of a Document Definition. A block defines type of data (the Type property) and region on an image to find these data in (the Region property). After Document Definition matching a block in the document (the Block object) will be found for each Document Definition block. The BlockDefinition object does not provide access to recognized data, it contains only data description. For recognized data see the properties of the Block object. All the blocks of the Document Definition page are represented by the BlockDefinitions object.


Name Type Description
AsTableBlockDefinition TableBlockDefinition, read-only Provides access to the table block of a Document Definition.
Children BlockDefinitions, read-only Provides access to the collection of child blocks which this block contains.
Field FieldDefinition, read-only Provides access to the Document Definition field containing the block.
Id Integer, read-only Returns the identifier of the Document Definition block.
Name String, read-only Returns the name of the block.
Page PageDefinition, read-only Provides access to the page of the Document Definition containing the block.
RecognitionParams RecognitionParams Stores the recognition parameters for the block.
Region Region Specifies the block region.
Type BlockTypeEnum, read-only Returns the type of the block.


Name Description
Move Moves the associated region.

Related objects

Output parameter

This object is the output parameter of the Item, AddNew methods of the BlockDefinitions object.


This object is used in the following code samples: Fixed Forms.

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