BarcodeOrientationEnum enumeration constants are used to denote the types of barcode orientation.

typedef enum {
 BO_Unknown       = 0,
 BO_Left_To_Right = 0x00000001,
 BO_Down_To_Top   = 0x00000002,
 BO_Right_To_Left = 0x00000004,
 BO_Top_To_Down   = 0x00000008,
 BO_Autodetect    = BO_Left_To_Right | BO_Down_To_Top | BO_Right_To_Left | BO_Top_To_Down
} BarcodeOrientationEnum;


Name Description
BO_Unknown Denotes unknown type of barcode orientation. It may be used as the return value, if ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK has failed to detect barcode orientation.
BO_Left_To_Right Barcode is oriented from left to right.
BO_Down_To_Top Barcode is oriented from down to top.
BO_Right_To_Left Barcode is oriented from right to left.
BO_Top_To_Down Barcode is oriented from top to down.
BO_Autodetect Detect the barcode orientation automatically.

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