BarcodeBaseRecognitionParams Object (IBarcodeBaseRecognitionParams Interface)

This object provides access to the barcode detection settings. You can turn off barcode detection if you do not need to extract barcodes at all. This will greatly speed up the process of document recognition. If you need to recognize the post barcodes, you can enable this as an additional setting.


Name Type Description
DisableBarcodeExtraction Boolean

Specifies if barcodes should be extracted.

The default value of this property is FALSE.

UsePostBarcodes Boolean

Specifies if post barcodes (BT_AustraliaPost, BT_JapanPost, BT_PostNet, BT_IntelligentMail) are extracted.

Relevant only if the value of the DisableBarcodeExtraction property is FALSE.

The default value of this property is FALSE.

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