AssemblingError Object (IAssemblingError Interface)

This object corresponds to an assembly error. The document assembly rule is configured when creating a Document Definition: it defines the sequence and number of recurring document sections. Assembly verification based on the values of key fields can also be required: in this case the values of key fields must be identical on all pages of the document.

Assembly errors can be caused by the following reasons:

  • Incorrect page sequence in a document

There may be too few or too many pages, or document pages are not arranged in the correct sequence. To receive a tip, use the Text property. To correct such error you can use the MoveById, Merge, and Disassemble methods of the Documents object.

  • Key values are not identical on all pages of the document

If the Document Definition requires verification of key fields for correct assembly of pages, the values of key fields will be placed in the IPage::KeyValue property of each page. Key fields may not match if they have been recognized or filled in incorrectly. Check the values of key fields. If the values of key fields still do not match, it is likely that such pages do not belong to the same document. If the page sequence is wrong, find pages with identical key fields and assemble them into documents as described above.


Name Type Description
Documents IntsCollection, read-only Returns a list of child documents which contain assembling errors, if the Type property is AET_ErrorInChildDocument. Otherwise returns NULL.
MissingPageDefinitionId Integer, read-only Specifies the identifier of the Document Definition for which the page was not found in the document.
PageIndex Integer, read-only Returns the index of the missed or excess page.
Text String, read-only Stores the error description.
Type AssemblingErrorTypeEnum, read-only Specifies the type of assembly error.

Related objects

Output parameter

This object is the output parameter of the Item method of the AssemblingErrors object.

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