AEF_ Prefixed Flags

The AEF_ prefixed flags are used to denote the possible export formats whose availability depends on the license. The ILicense::AvailableExportFormats property returns a bitwise OR combination of zero or more of these flags values, where each set bit indicates that the corresponding export format is available in the license.

const int AEF_XLS          = 0x00000004;
const int AEF_PDF          = 0x00000008;
const int AEF_DBF          = 0x00000010;
const int AEF_Text         = 0x00000020;
const int AEF_PDFImageOnly = 0x00000040;
const int AEF_XML          = 0x00000080;
const int AEF_PDFA         = 0x00000200;
const int AEF_PDFMRC       = 0x00000400;


Flag name Description
AEF_XLS XLS, XLSX export formats.
AEF_PDF PDF export format.
AEF_DBF DBF export format.
AEF_Text Text export format.
AEF_PDFImageOnly PDF Image Only export format.
AEF_XML XML export format.
AEF_PDFA PDF/A export format.
AEF_PDFMRC PDF MRC export format.

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