Web Capture Station

The Web Capture Station is used to contribute information from paper documents to the system. The Operator scans paper documents, corrects scanned images (if necessary), verifies and corrects the recognized data, and then exports the corrected data.

The Web Capture Station works over the Internet. To connect to the station, either Basic authentication or authentication by means of the FlexiCapture Authentication Module can be used. To log in to the station, use the link https://<ApplicationServer>/FlexiCapture12/Capture, where <ApplicationServer> is the name of the computer on which the Application Server is installed.

Note: Some features of the rich stations are unavailable when working via the Web interface, for example:

  • automatic checking of some rules (the check is performed when the user clicks the Check rules button or accepts a document or a batch)
  • document analysis and re-recognition (for non-matched or incorrectly matched fields, the values must be entered manually; for FlexiLayouts, you can also use fast input of recognized data from the cache). Documents with fixed layout can be sent to the server where fields are re-recognized. Besides, for documents with both fixed and flexible layouts, you can mark Document Definitions to be matched and then send the documents to the Recognition stage for matching.

Once a batch has been processed, the processing results can be downloaded to the Operator's computer. To enable the Operator to download results, the project properties and the Document Definition should be set up as follows:

  • in the Project Properties dialog box, the Export root path field must be left empty
  • in the Document Definition, the export type must be set to Export to image files or Export to data files and a relative, not an absolute, path to the export files must be specified (e.g. Export\Results).

In this case, export results will be stored in the ABBYY FlexiCapture database (or in the File Storage Folder) and will be available for download by the Operator who exported them until the corresponding batch is removed from the server.

Note: The Document Definition may include other export profiles, e.g. export to SharePoint. In this case, the Operator will be able to download export results for all the profiles that have been set up as described above.

Note: It is strongly recommended to set up automatic cleanup to prevent storage overflow.

Note: You cannot restrict Operator's access to operations on data or access to operations on tasks when configuring Web Capture Station custom roles. Only the following standard Operator roles can be configured for this station: , Verification Operator, and Senior Verification Operator.

For detailed information about using the Web Capture Station, please refer to the Web Capture Station Help system.

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