Stage tools

The Stage Tools tab of the Project Properties dialog box allows you to configure tools of the processing stages. On this tab you can add and delete custom tools and edit tools properties.

To create a new processing stage tool, click the Add... button. In the Create New Processing Stage Tool dialog box that opens, specify the name of the tool, enter the description and select the type of the stage from the Type drop-down list. The new stage tool will be added to the list of tools.

To edit a selected stage, click the Edit... button. The Processing Stage Tool Settings dialog box that opens, contains the following settings:

Option Description
Event settings group
Add Event... button

Opens the Add Event dialog box where you choose an event to be handled in the stage.

To write the script processing this event, click the Edit Script... button. The Script Editor will open.

Edit Script... button Opens the Script Editor where you can edit the script processing the selected event.
Delete button Removes the selected event from the list.
Skin settings group
Edit Skin... button Opens the Skin Settings dialog box where you can set up the appearance of the stage.
Reset Skin button Resets skin settings to default.

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