Custom recognition script

What it does

With this script you can define a custom recognition (or initialization) algorithm for fields which have regions.

The custom recognition script is configured on the Recognition tab of the field properties dialog box.

The script is launched when a field value is initialized from the results of the recognizer. The image area being recognized is passed to the script as an input parameter. The document layout is not initialized at the moment, so access to the document fields is denied (however access to registration and other parameters is allowed).

With this script you can specify which symbols are suspicious and must be verified (IsSuspicious and NeedVerification properties).


Name Type Access Description
FieldRegion IFieldRegion Read-only. Internal* fields of batch documents and pages are unavailable. (Applies to all parents as well.) The region to be recognized
Result IValue /ICheckmarkValue /ICheckmarkGroupValue


Access to the CharacterParams.NeedVerification flag is denied.

CharacterParams.IsSuspicious flag is available with read/write permissions.

The resultant recognized value. Depending on the field type the received parameters can be of the following types:

* - The internal field requires loading the object into memory.

If classes and methods of an external assembly are used in the script, the assembly file must be attached on the .Net References tab of the Document Definition properties.

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