On Region Change

When it is launched

The script is launched prior to modifying a region in the image window.

  • If the AllowChangeRegion.Value property is set to true, the region will be changed after the script execution.
  • If the AllowChangeRegion.Value property is set to false, the region will not be changed.

By default, the value of the AllowChangeRegion parameter is true.


Name Type Access Description
AllowChangeRegion IBoolean Read/write Specifies whether to change the region.
Context IFieldRegionControl Read/write The region
NewRegionParam IShellRects Read/write

Rectangles of the region. For tables, the whole table region is passed.

Note: When changing a container of the region, a new region of this container is returned and new regions of its child elements are not returned. When changing the region of a child element, only a new region of this child element is returned. For tables, the table region is always returned, also when changing a column or row region.

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