What it does

Represents a region of the document field.

Note. Some methods and properties of this object are not available on the Web Verification Station for checking rules locally. The methods and properties that are not supported are marked with an asterisk (*).


Definition Description
Delete( ) Deletes a field region.


Name Type Access Description
Field IField Read-only The document field that corresponds to the region. The property value can be "0".
IsMatched bool Read-only Specifies whether the region is matched
Page IPage Read-only The page that contains the region
PageIndex int Read/write The number of the page in the document the region is located on
Picture * IPictureObject Read-only The picture that corresponds to the region
Rects IRects Read-only The array of rectangles the region consists of
SurroundingRect IRect Read-only The rectangle that describes the whole region

Note: In the custom recognition script the value of the Field property is always "0" as the field does not exist at the time of recognition.

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