What it does

Represents the errors window.


Name Type Access Description
Controls IErrorControls Read-only The collection of controls
Docking TDockingType Read/write The position of IErrorsWindow relative to IFormWindow in the document editor.
DocumentWindow IDocumentEditor Read-only The document editor
FocusedControl IErrorControl Read/write The error which is focused at the moment
Handle int Read-only The handle of the window
Ratio IShellRational Read/write The ratio of the IErrorsWindow size (which is a numerator) to the total size of IFromWindow plus IErrorsWindow windows (which is a denominator).
ShowAssemblingErrors bool Read/write Specifies whether to show assembly errors
ShowFormatErrors bool Read/write Specifies whether to show format errors
ShowRuleErrors bool Read/write Specifies whether to show rule errors
ShowUnmatchedRegionErrors bool Read/write Specifies whether to show errors associated with unmatched regions

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