What it does

Represents a data set.


Definition Description
AddRecord ( dataSetRecord : IDataSetRecord ) Adds the record to the data set.
CreateQuery () : IDataSetQuery Creates a data set query object.
CreateRecord () : IDataSetRecord Creates a record that can be added to the data set later.
DeleteRecord ( dataSetRecord : IDataSetRecord )

Removes the data set record with the specified primary key **.


GetRecords (IDataSetQuery : query) : IRecordset Gets records that satisfy query parameters from the data set.
GetRecordsCount (IDataSetQuery : query) : int Gets the number of records from the data set that satisfy query parameters.
ModifyRecord ( dataSetRecord : IDataSetRecord )

Edits a data set record in a column with the specified primary key **.

Note: This method cannot be used to create or edit complex columns.


** The ModifyRecord and DeleteRecord methods only work with data sets that have a Primary Key column.

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