Application Server

The Application Server ensures the correct operation of the entire ABBYY FlexiCapture system. The stations communicate among themselves via the Application Server.

We recommend installing the Application Server before you install the stations. Before installing the Application Server, make sure that the necessary components are installed.

Note: If the components are not installed on your computer, all of them (with the exception of Internet Information Services) can be installed from the ABBYY FlexiCapture disk. Internet Information Services is a Windows component and is distributed together with the Windows operating system.


  1. If you use a firewall, be sure to allow the World Wide Web Publishing Service.
  2. To authenticate the Scanning Station by a log-in and password rather than by using Windows authentication, you need to set up the Internet Information Services: enable Basic Authentication at the level FlexiCapture/Server.

Once the Application Server is installed, the Administration and Monitoring Console will start automatically (the console is installed together with the server), where you can set up a database connection and grant access permissions to the Operators.

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