An anchor is an element of a machine-readable form that is used to facilitate the matching of form images with Document Definitions and to determine the orientation of forms during automated processing.

Before the program can start recognizing the contents of the form, it must match the form with its Document Definition. All machine-readable forms of the same type must conform to one Document Definition, i.e. the location of all form elements must be exactly the same on all forms. The program will attempt to match the form with its Document Definition according to the number and location of the anchors on the form. If the program manages to match the anchors on the form with the anchors on the Document Definition, it will know exactly where to look for fields containing data to be recognized.

Standard anchors are listed in the table below.

Black Square
Timing Mark

For the best possible recognition results, it is advisable to have standard anchors on the form, but in some cases line separators, explanatory text or barcodes can also be used as anchors. However, standard anchors are more reliable and should always be your first choice.

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