What's New in ABBYY FineReader PDF 15

Editing PDFs

  • Editing text within paragraphs
    Now, editing text in PDFs of any kind – including scanned documents – can be done within a whole block of text. When you add or delete text, it automatically flows from line to line, which provides you with a convenience and freedom similar to editing in a word processor like Microsoft Word.
  • Reformatting text
    You can also change the text formatting (font type and size, typeface, color, line spacing, text alignment, and direction) either for the whole paragraph or for only a selection of text.
  • Editing page layout
    You can even change the layout of any page in a PDF. Add or delete paragraphs, change their positioning or order, and make them wider, narrower, higher, or lower to align them with rest of the page. Throughout the process, the text will automatically flow into the layout to fit with the changes you make.
  • Editing table cells
    Each cell in a table can now be edited individually, as a separate paragraph, and it will not affect content in the other cells in the same row.

Viewing PDFs

  • Faster viewer
    FineReader’s PDF viewer has become 1.5x faster. Opening any kind of PDF is now as quick as you would expect.

Creating PDFs

  • Creating interactive PDF forms
    Create your own fillable PDF forms from a blank document or by adding fields to an existing PDF. Choose from fillable fields, drop-down lists, multiple-choice questions, action buttons, and more. Edit and rearrange the forms as needed.

Converting PDFs

  • Detecting text-layer quality
    Detect the quality of a text layer when working with digital PDFs. If the text layer in a page is problematic (corrupted, encoding problems, etc.), FineReader applies OCR to convert the whole page rather than extracting the text layer. This allows for the most accurate results when converting digitally-created PDFs into editable formats.
  • Detecting text in fields and annotations
    When converting an interactive PDF form or a PDF with annotations into an editable format, FineReader ensures that the text from fields and certain kinds of annotations (such as a Text Box or Typewriter) is accurately and reliably extracted.
  • Improved layout retention
    Reconstructing paragraphs when converting digital PDFs into editable formats has been improved as well.

Comparing documents

  • Export in Track Changes mode
    Now, you can export the comparison results as a Microsoft Word document highlighting the differences in Track Changes mode, the mode commonly used in organizations, particularly in the legal field.
  • Even more accurate comparisons
    Thanks to the improvements in converting digital PDFs, you can compare such documents with any other type of supported format even more precisely than before.
  • New comparison language
    Comparing documents in Armenian is now possible, with 38 comparison languages in total.

Improved OCR

ABBYY’s latest OCR technology provides improvements to a variety of features in ABBYY FineReader PDF 15: more reliable detection of headers and footers; more accurate document conversion in Japanese and Korean; improved retention of table structure when saving to Excel in languages written from right to left; and better automatic tagging when saving to tagged PDFs (including PDF/UA).

Improvements for organizations

  • Remote User licenses
    Based on access for named users, Remote User licenses allow organizations to use FineReader with desktop and application virtualization solutions, such as Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS), Citrix XenApp, and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. Please refer to FineReader’s Administrator Guide for detailed information.
  • Improved product customization with GPO
    The list of possibilities to customize FineReader for specific users/workstations using GPO (Group Policy Objects) has increased to include the following options:
    • Define the maximum number of workstation CPUs used by FineReader.
    • Set a user inactivity timeout to force the release of licenses for workstations that use concurrent licenses.
    • Take advantage of ADMX/ADML templates.

We would like to extend our sincere appreciation for all the users who have contributed feedback and helped us broaden FineReader’s capabilities to make it more useful in daily work.

04.03.2022 7:13:07

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