Radio button

Radio Button allows the user to select only one option from a group of available options.

To add radio buttons onto your form:

  1. Switch to form editing mode.
  2. Click the tool.
  3. Click where you want to add a radio button. A default-sized radio button will be added. Continue clicking on the form to add the required number of radio buttons.
    You must add at least two radio buttons, because, by their very nature, radio buttons give the user a choice between two or among multiple options.
  4. Click the tool again or press the Esc key to stop adding radio buttons.
    All the radio buttons you add before turning off this tool, will form a single group. If you need to add another group of radio buttons, repeat steps 2 through 4.

To edit a radio button, right click that button and select Properties... on the shortcut menu.
See also: Editing interactive fields

Radio button properties

General tab

Appearance tab

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