Reducing the size of your PDF documents

PDF documents that contain page images or a lot of pictures can be very large. The PDF Editor allows you to reduce the size of such documents.

  1. Click File > Reduce File Size....
  2. In the dialog box that opens, the following options are available:
    • Image quality - Select this option if you want to reduce the size of the file by lowering the quality of the pictures inside the document.
    • Use MRC compression (specify OCR languages below) - Select this option if you want to apply the MRC compression algorithm to recognized pages, which considerably reduces file size while preserving the visual quality the page images.
    • OCR languages - Be sure to select the right OCR language(s).
  3. Click Apply.

The compressed PDF document will be opened in a new window.

12/17/2020 1:21:38 AM

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