Viewing comparison results

The differences that the program has detected are highlighted in the two texts and are also listed separately in the pane on the right.

ABBYY Compare Documents can find the following types of differences:

Each item in the list of differences contains a deleted, inserted or edited text fragment and the numbers of the pages where this text occurs in each document. To copy a difference to the Clipboard, right-click it and click Copy Difference on the shortcut menu or select it and click Edit > Copy Difference.

If a text fragment has been edited, both the old and the new versions of the fragment will be listed in the rightmost pane.

The number of detected differences is displayed in two locations:

  • On the red bar that appears at the top of the display area after you compare the documents:
  • Next to the title of the DIFFERENCES tab of the rightmost pane: .

When you select a difference on the DIFFERENCES tab, the differing text will be displayed in both documents side-by-side.

To navigate the differences, do one of the following:

  • Click a difference in one of the two documents.
  • Use the following keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+Right Arrow/Ctrl+Left Arrow.
  • Use the and buttons on the DIFFERENCES tab.
  • Click Compare and then click Next Difference or Previous Difference.

You can also scroll the two versions simultaneously to see the changes in a side-by-side view.
Simultaneous scrolling is enabled by default. To disable it, click Fit to Width on the View and clear the Synchronize Scrolling item, or right-click a document and disable the Synchronize Scrolling option on the shortcut menu, or click the button above one of the documents.

Grouping differences

ABBYY Compare Documents groups detected differences so that you can ignore minor changes and focus on substantial discrepancies.

Detected differences may be placed in one of three groups:

  • Body text
    This group contains the substantial differences found in the body text of the two documents.
  • Headers and footers
    This group contains the differences in the headers and footers of the two documents (e.g. differences in page numbers).
  • Numbering
    This group contains the differences in the numbers contained in the two documents, e.g. differences in the numbering of lists.

To disable the grouping of differences, click the button on the DIFFERENCES tab of the rightmost pane.

To remove a difference from the list, do one of the following:

  • Click the button on the DIFFERENCES tab.
  • Right-click the difference and click Ignore Difference on the shortcut menu.

To remove several differences at a time, select them while holding down the Ctrl key.

To ignore all identical differences, choose the Ignore Identical Differences command in the shortcut menu.

Any differences that you have removed from the list will not be shown in the comparison report.

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